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Thursday, October 30, 2014 6:00:00 PM
Saturday, November 01, 2014 9:00:00 AM
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IT'S OFFICIAL  -  Our New House is Open 

New ice on five new sheets was the center of attention for the First Ice Event and the Public Open House.   The club opened its doors to a new season and a new home in October.

Milwaukee Curling Club members who made the new clubhouse a reality were along sidelines as Dave Goelzer took to the hack on center sheet ice for the First Rock Friday night.  It was a special rink of MCC members --  Betsy Fredericksen and Mary Beth Goelzer took first sweeps onto Steve Shallock and more sweeps to Fred Blizzard for the rock run to the house.   On the button delivery to First Skip Mark Conrardy.  Brooms up and  a  "good curling" handshake from Matt Goelzer. And a well deserved applause to the success of the new shed.  

The doors to the new clubhouse opened to members, guests and those interested in seeing curling up close on Friday and Saturday nights.  More actiivities followed the next week including Practice Ice and 3 Learn to Curls.  The Members' Opening Day, a MCC club tradition was Sunday October 28, 2012, in the new house.  

 OCTOBER, 2012 


The Milwaukee Curling Club,  has moved into our new location in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  The longest running curling club in the US now curls in a five sheet facility with a new club house that officially opened in October, 2012.  

Check out the Public calendar for details.  We're ready to introduce you to our club and the great sport of curling.    Find out more about us here!  

Want more info -  email us at -  learn@milwaukeecurlingclub.com 

The Club is now located at - 


Columbia St. Mary's Building

W67 N890 Washington Avenue,
Cedarburg, WI 53012

Email -  info@milwaukeecurlingclub.com



The groundbreaking was a big milestone for the Milwaukee Curling Association, Board members and club members. Read about it HERE and check back often for more updates. Photos of the new shed layout and the building can be found on our Facebook page

Milwaukee Curling Club Members exchanged brooms for shovels to break ground for the new facility located in the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds - February, 2012


Curling is a game of etiquette as well as skill... and enjoyed internationally. More Info.

Granite rocks with handles are sent down the ice after being delivered by each of four members of the two competing rinks (teams) to the house (target) at the end of the sheet. Sweeping by other members of the rink assists the rock as it travels down the ice before stopping in or  around the house. The fourth member of each team, the Skip determines the strategy and delivers the final two rocks of the team's eight rock side.  After all sixteen rocks have been delivered down the ice, it is called an end.  A complete game is eight ends and is decided by the team with the most points.


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