Board Members

Officers and Chairmen

MCC is a recreational and social organization, run by volunteers. A Board of Directors, elected annually by the membership, provides oversight and organization to the entire Milwaukee Curling Club. The President of the women’s (Kiltie) organization reports to the MCC Board.

Hank Bowman

Vice President
Lynn Packard      

Frank Gedelman

Tom Hayman      

Past President
Kevin Moran     

Directors at Large

  • Director at Large (3rd year) …......  Julius Davis
  • Director at Large (1st year) …......  Barb Vandenberg
  • Director at Large (2nd year) …...... Tim Sullivan
  • Director at Large (3rd year) ……..   Fred Blizzard
  • Director at Large (1st year)........... Chris Apel
  • Director at Large (2nd year) .......... Nick McLellan
  • Director at Large (2nd year) .......... Drew Friend

Your Board at Work

Liaison to MCA Board
Dave Goelzer

Communications, Fred Blizzard, Chair

- Calendar - Lynn Packard

- Marketing - Fred Blizzard

House and Grounds, Nick McLellan, Chair
- Ice - Jay Packard
- House Committee - Nick McLellan 
- Pins and Badges - Charlene Harmon

Food and Beverage Advisory Team - Linda Even

Finance and Budget, Frank Gedelman, Chair
- Budget - Frank Gedelman
- Ice Advertising - Fred Blizzard 
- Employee Relations - Frank Gedelman
- Insurance - Frank Gedelman

Major Bonspiels, Lynn Packard, Chair
- Fall Mixed - 
- Kiltie Mixed - Linda Evan and Scott Kania
- Milwaukee Men's - Jay Packard
- Spring Mixed - 

Men’s Activities, Julius Davis, Chair
- Carson Event, Monday PM - Mark Conrardy
- Wednesday PM - Alan Roberts
- Men's Bonspiel - Jay Packard 
- Old Boys - Ron Jodat
- Thursday PM League - Jeff Steffiks
- WSCA Representative - Nick McLellan

Women's Activities, Barb Vandenberg, Chair
- Tuesday PM League - Nikki Bernetich
- Wednesday AM League - Sara Packard
- USWCA Representative - Mary Beth Goelzer
- Badger Representative - Deirdre Synder
- Inter Club - Alice Sedgwick
- Sunshine - Carolyn Abraham

Mixed Activities, Tim Sullivan, Chair
- Friday PM Open Leagues - Mike Moll

Membership, Chris Apel, Chair

-  Open Learn to Curls - Chris Apel
-  Retention and Mentoring - Chris Apel and Drew Friend
-  Curling Interest Correspondence  -  Chris Apel 

Instruction and Youth, Drew Friend, Chair
- Instructor Training - Drew Friend 
- Junior Curling (K-5) -  Amanda and Jason Dobbs
- High School Phyed - Dick Barnes 

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