Monday Daytime

Wisconsin Old Boys

Men 55 and older Rotates between 9 clubs within 100 miles of Milwaukee Clubs Contact:  Ron Jodat, rjodat11@wi.rr.com

Monday Evening

Carson League 

6 and 8 PM alternating Draws, (October 28, 2013 —March 24, 2014) Men only, invitation only Contact:  Mark Conrardy, carsonleague@milwaukeecurlingclub.com

Tuesday Evening

Roth League/American League

6:30 PM Draws, (First Semester - October 29 — January 9 ) 6 and 8 PM Draws (Second Semester - January -March)  

Women Only,  All women invited

Contact:  Cassie Simpson, tuesdaynight@milwaukeecurlingclub.com

Wednesday Morning

Fuldner Thistle

9:30  AM draw -  Starts -  October 30, 2013  (lst  Semester October —January) President’s Event  9:30  AM (2nd Semester January—March Women only, Invitation only,    Contact:  Sara Packard, wedmorn@milwaukeecurlingclub.com  

Wednesday Evenings

President's League

6 and 8 PM alternating Draws (lst  Semester October 30 —January) Ozaukee: 6 and 8 PM alternating Draws (2nd Semester January—March Men Only, all men invited Contact:  Alan Roberts,  aroberts27@wi.rr.com

Thursday Afternoons

High School League

3-5 pm Contact:  Jay Packard, jcpack@hotmail.com

Thursday Evenings

Mixed Open League

7  PM alternating Draws, (October 31—March) All men and women invited Contact:  Jim Hintz,  thursdaynight@milwaukeecurlingclub.com 

Friday Evenings

Open League

6 PM alternating Draws, (November 1 —March)     All men and women invited Contact:  Jay Packard , jcpack@hotmail.com

Saturday Daytime -  *NEW*  

Weekend Open Mixed

10 AM Draw - Additional draw if there is a demand All men and women invited  -  Note - Sunday November 4 -  1 st  Open League 

Contact: Linda Even , Jan Homan, satmorning@milwaukeecurlingclub.com

Sunday Afternoons

Little Rockers

        Juniors - children ages K5- Sixth Grade -  1:30 - 2:45 pm  (Not necessary to be members) INFORMATION HERE

        Contact:  Sue or Fred Blizzard, sueblizzard@gmail.com 

        Juniors -  children 10-18 3:30-5:00    Contact: Ted Lookatch, tlookatch@wi.rr.com and Charlene Harmon, phonestoown@mail.com.  



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